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This is a poll of the other George Bushes.

There are 153 persons named George Bush listed in the United States phone directory. 2 persons named George Bush are current and former presidents of the United States. The Bush Poll surveyed them in order to determine their political cohesiveness, their polarization over political issues, and their potential reflection of an American people divided over their Presidential representation.

Low Approval, but High Support

The George Bushes generally reflect the greater population in their political party, approval of the President’s job performance (55%), the war in Iraq (50%), and his ability to relate to the average American (38%). Yet they support him in much higher numbers at the poll: 69% of the George Bushes of the United States voted for George W. Bush in 2000, and 66% are projected to vote for him in 2004. So why would this group break their party affiliations, and break with their own views, to vote for George W. Bush? Do they identify with him? Do they admire him? Does it make them happier to see a man with their name on the TV daily?

“No, he’s not like me,” George W. Bush, Jasper, TX

Despite this apparent identification of the George Bushes of the United States with the President, they are polarized over the idea that they are similar. When asked if they hold George W. Bush’s values, 67% Agree, 0% are neutral, and 33% disagree. Yet when asked if they are like George W. Bush, the George Bushes of the United States flip the other direction: only 22% agree, 17% are neutral, and 61% disagree. They identify with his values, but if they identify with him, they might loose their individuality.

“I've been picked on about it, but not judged. It is fun being George Bush.”
George D. Bush, Bonham TX

Nearly half of all of the George Bushes of the United States said they were pre-judged by others because of their name. Two out of three said that the other person had viewed them negatively. Despite this apparent loss of control over their own representation, 83% said that this did not undermine their sense of individuality. It is as if they are saying that to be one of the George Bushes of the United States you have to be resolute, ignore what others say, and be prepared to protect and defend your identity as your own, regardless of namesake.

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