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Demographics: Age, Illness, and Voter turnout

Are the George Bushes Dying?

One of the most interesting results of the poll were the findings about the age of the George Bushes of the United States. Of the 47 George Bushes we spoke to, 12, or 26% were too ill to speak, bedridden, or deceased. This trend is mirrored in the age statistics of the healthy George Bush population, where 83% of all George Bushes are over the age of 55.

"My ethnicity is I am a Christian," George L. Bush, Lexington, KY

The Ethinicity of the George Bushes is another nearly uniform statistic, with 89% of all George Bushes identifying as White. The remaining 11% either identified as "American" or "Christian." There were no George Bushes who identified as Black or African American, Latino, Asian, American Indian, Pacific Islander.

Unlike their racial and age conformity, Economically, the George Bushes reflect a broad range of lower and middle class incomes.

Their political affiliation is fairly even, with 38% Democrat, and 33% Republican. Additionally 11% stated they were Independent, and 16% said they were Other/Not Disclosed.

Reflecting their age demographics, the George Bushes have an extremely high turnout ratio, with nearly 90% having voted in 2000, and the same number planning on voting in 2004.

Breaking with their party to vote for a man with their name

Interestingly their affiliation is not represented in their actual voting patterns. The Democrats break ranks with their party affiliation, to join Republicans in voting 69% for Bush in 2000, vs. 31% for Gore. The George Bushes are planning on voting very similarly for 2004, with %62 planning on voting for Bush, 25% for Kerry, and 13% still undecided.

If we use the belief that undecided voters tend to Democrat by a ratio of 2 to 1, that means the 13% undecided will turn into another 4 percent for Bush, and 8 percent for Kerry, resulting in a nearly identical 66% for Bush, and 33% for Kerry. While this is a numerical improvement for the Democratic Candidate in his results among the George Bush sub-population, it is within the margin of error.

But why do the George Bushes break with their party to vote for a man with their name? Do they identify with him? Do they admire him? Does it make them happier to see a man with their name on the TV daily?

Demographics: Results by question
Q . Of the George Bushes we reached, how many completed the survey, did not complete the survey, or were too ill speak or deceased.
38 % Completed
36 % Did not complete
26 % Ill/Deceased

Q . Which of the following age groups do you belong to?
5.5 % Under 34
0 % 35 - 44
11.1 % 45-54
22.2 % 55-64
61.1 % over 65

Q . What is your ethnic background?
88.9 % White
0 % Black or African American
0 % Latino
0 % Asian
0 % American Indian
0 % Pacific Islander
11.1 % Other

Those answering "Other" either stated that they were "American" or that they were "Christian."

Q . What is your annual household income?
20 % Below 15K
20 % 15K - 29K
20 % 30K - 44K
20 % 45K - 59K
6.7 % 60K - 74K
6.7 % 75K - 89K
6.7 % 90K or More

Q . With what political party are you registered?
38.8 % Democrat
33.3 % Republican
11.1 % Independent
16.5 % Other/Not Disclosed

Q . Did you vote in the 2000 Election?
88.9 % Yes
11.1 % No

Q . If yes: for whom?
68.8 % Bush
31.3 % Gore
0 % Nader

Q . Will you vote in the 2004 Election?
88.9 % Yes
11.1 % No

Q . If yes: for whom?
62.5 % Bush
25 % Kerry
0 % Nader
12.5 % Undecided

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